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Social Media Marketing Change the Conventional Marketing Ways

Five trends of social media

  • Increasingly, social media is becoming part of request for proposal we see. People are simply having it on their checklist and clients without digital backgrounds or experience want to incorporate social media as part of their marketing and communications’ strategies.
  • Integration of social sharing tools no both B2B and B2C websites and the appearance of social calls to actions on outdoor, print and TV advertising
  • Increase in job posts and positions for “social media managers” or marketing/communications managers with social as part of their skill set.
  • Increase in advertising spending and opportunities to advertise on social media
  • Increase in the number of vendors for social measuring tools.

Tips to improve on Social Media

  • Content marketing improvement – listen to your customers or target audience and give them what they want.
  • Create a buzz of your business with real user experience. There is no point creating a fancy campaign or contest that is not related to your business brand. People will just forget in a short period of time once the campaign ends.
  • Building a synergy business strategy with combination of on ground activities with online appearance.
  • Never run away from customer complaint. Take it seriously. The way we deal with a crisis can minimize damage and when done well, it can even endear your fans and build their trust and loyalty.
  • Tie your social media efforts with your search strategies. Both social media and search provide clear benefits, but are more powerful when used together because they can reinforce each other and contribute to a company’s overall marketing success.

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