Facebook Finally Allows Embedded Posts on Other Websites

Facebook has at last started enabling its users to strategically embed posts on blogs and other Websites. This move follows a similar action from its own subsidiary Instagram and its competitor Twitter. It is expected to be another new feature that would further endear the site to its multitude of users and fans.

The popular social network announced this new feature in one of the new posts on the site itself. In that memo, the company said that it would now enable users to embed posted photographs, hashtags, videos, and other types of content into other sites. Other Facebook users can possibly ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ those posts directly from the embedded message.

However, only Facebook posts that were made accessible by the public and non-friend subscribers can be embedded. Those posts that were also made accessible to fans on pages will also be allowed to be embedded on other Websites and blogs. This can be a measure to somehow safeguard privacy for those who worry that their private posts may possibly spread elsewhere online.

Built-in feature

The new embedding feature was rolled out initially last July 31. For a start, embedded posts can only be possible in five major Websites. Those are People, Mashable, Huffington Post, the Bleacher Report, and CNN. The company said it will eventually be rolled out in many other online sites in the next few weeks. Eventually, embedded posts can be possible in all other sites on the Web.

Before this feature was introduced, Facebook posts can already be embedded but only through the use of several third-party apps and tools. However, the built-in feature just makes it easier and at the same time more accessible for a wider base of Internet users. Facebook has also made it possible to include images on embedded posts.

Popular Web practice

Embedding posts is becoming a popular practice online these days, especially among news sites and blogs. It is an effective technique for automatically referencing materials for social media posting. Logically, it can be a strategic and creative way for Facebook and other Websites to generate higher traffic.

A Facebook user has to enable the feature first before he can embed posts. The ‘Embed Post’ link will be included in the menu in the same spot where ‘Report/Mark as Spam’ link is currently placed. That link has to be clicked to initiate the process for embedding post.