Five trends in Year 2012

Understand the five trends in year 2012. You will know clearly where you should leverage your resources for Business Return Optimization. Marketing is a continuous effort for business expansion. Tips listed below will lead your business appearance into another peak and make your business model more humanize with the direction of HIGH End – HIGH Touch.

Video Marketing

  • Video will be increasingly important as bandwidth grows and video is increasingly available on mobile devices. The trend will encompass short clips and longer featured contest on Youtube, Youku and other video-sharing sites, as well as interactive video communications via Skype, Facetime and other applications. Video will remain a valuable seach strategy, since video content is 53 times more likely to get a page one Google ranking than text.

Social Media and Mobile Commerce

  • S-commerce and M-commerce will become significant sources of online sales as people become ore comfortable with being offered chances to buy products and services in social media and on mobile, and as technology develops to make online purchases faster and easier

Smart Phone User

  • A much larger percentage of mobile users will be smart – smartphones will have deeper penetration, and that will open up a larger universe for marketers to do larger scale and sophisticated mobile marketing. Now only 19% of users in Asia have smartphones compare to North America about 63%. Handset costs will drop and feature phones will begin to be marginalised. Microsoft windows 8 will likely gain users even as Apple’s iOS ad Android continue to grow.

Cloud Computing

  • there ill be some interesting consolidation reflecting market shift, converge and the changing dynamic brought by the increasing use of the cloud. Eg: RIM, the maker of BlackBerries, may potentially get bought, either by another handset maker looking to control the user base or by a software company. Yahoo, may well have a new shape in a year with a different structure or new owners, or both.

Online Property Integration

  • The importance of apps will decline after a frenzied couple of years of growth and development. With deeper penetration of smartpones, broadband, cloud computing and HTML5, websites will have enhances functionality, interactivity, power and speed. The need for specialized apps for mobile and tablets users will diminish and apps will increasingly service more as “bookmarks” for highly functional websites or as ways for companies to generate revenue by selling premium apps.
Source:  Advertising + Marketing  Malaysia ~ March 2012