Measuring Facebook Success

Not long ago, the ultimate measure of a successful Facebook promotion was fan growth. That was sooooo 2010.

Fan growth is simply not enough. Disagree? Throw out a sweepstakes app, dangle a free iPad, and buy some cheap Facebook ads. You can easily buy fans, but to what end?

It’s time we adjust our aim – and retrain our stakeholders’ focus – beyond that initial click of the like button and toward real engagement. Here are two ways we measure Facebook promotion success in the post-like world.

Depth of engagement

Boasting of fan count is like bragging about the size of your email list. A big list is nice, but how effectively are you using it?

We defined a metric we call brand engagements. It’s a tally of any and all thoughtful interactions consumers have with your brand on Facebook. Engagements range from liking or commenting in the news feed to interacting with content within a promotion application.

promo engagement funnel e1307158795466 Measuring Facebook Fan Engagement Beyond the Like

Brand engagements often form the bottom of the conversion funnel of Bulbstorm promotions. Some of our clients also want to drive to a campaign-specific objective like coupon distribution, email list growth, or user-generated content collection, as shown in the funnel graphic.

Of course, not all engagements are created equal. Consumers invest more of their passion into submitting a piece of user-generated content than into liking your fan page’s status. But a consistent approach to aggregating brand engagements enables you to compare campaigns and track depth of engagement over time.