Online marketing strategy

New Innovation on Facebook

In case you haven’t noticed, social media is growing “OLD”. It was supposed to be cool, but with parents, and even grandparents signing up on Facebook, it seems to be a better marketing platform for health insurance than Nike.

Social Media was supposed to be 1 to 1 conversation but when most of the brands aim at tens of thousand of followers on Facebook or Twitter, it’s becoming more like a mass media.

At this point, the initial excitement has subsided and social media is entering the next phase of growth. Marketers start facing tougher questions and new challenge on the content to be published, the way to handle negative comments and to gain more ‘likes’ while sharing on particular posting and the strategy to keep the engagement momentum in social media.

A Few new features have been launched on the Facebook New Timelines since the IPO listing of Facebook on 18 May 2012. These has helped in making better engagement with fans and a buzz of business brand on social media

Scheduling Wall Post

Schedule post

The scheduling function in Facebook wall post eases the content management planning in advance and in a proper organized manner. Further research and pre-plan contents could be the next advanced level needed to be developed to achieve higher engagement rate with fans.

Facebook Engagement

Promote post

Promote post is something cool to push the content out of ‘Edge Rank’ control. Just spend little money to get more fans for your business fan page to engage with the interesting posts. This works excellently on the important wall post and campaign message to be delivered effectively to the community. Isn’t it amazing with the price as low as RM 16.00? Have you ever come across any advertising cheaper than this?

New Reach & Engagement

Are you ready for the transparency of Facebook Fan Page on your Business? With the new setting, all wall posts are now showing the number of people reading the post via newsfeed (organic) and also from a friend page (viral).  Content is still the king seem to be not just work well on website yet social media, do you agree with me?

The massive volume of information is not only changing the way marketers work, it is also changing the way consumers make their purchase decision.

Social Media has turned the world into one big living room and it seems the future belongs to those who pull up the chair.