SEO vs. Social Media – Which is best for your marketing?

We marketers talk a lot about growing the top of the funnel — you know, getting as much traffic as possible to your website. So, how do you fill the top of your funnel so it’s practically overflowing? Time and again, social media and SEO take the inbound marketing cake. But for marketers with limited time and money, SEO and social media often become competing priorities. I mean, it’s not like you necessarily have all the resources in the world to throw your full weight behind SEO and social media. And the thing is, it’s usually better to do one thing well than two things, well, not well.

So, what gets sacrificed — SEO or social media — if you only have the bandwidth to seriously dedicate resources to one or the other? which is the biggest lever you can pull? will seo have a stronger impact on building the top of your marketing funnel, or is social media the place to spend your time for maximum results? Let’s figure out what SEO and social media are good for, and where they fall a little short, so you can select which tactic is right for you when in a marketing resources pinch.

SEO vs Social Media

SEO Social Media
Advantages  Creating content you can repurpose Social media improves your SEO
 Long term gains that don’t diminish You’ll build strong personal relationships
 Long-Tail search yields targeted traffic Social content can be repurposed
 Inbound links help your website and your reputation More targeted networks means more customers
 SEO gives an edge to local businesses Social media provides the user-generated content you need to drive sales
 Disadvantages SEO takes a lot of time  Social media fails without content
You still need to invest in technical SEO  Success takes a long time
You don ’t have just Google to thin k about  Social media content expires quickly
Too much is out of your control  Monitoring is time intensive
SEO requires long-term upkeep

But if you need to had to choose?

Let’s assume you are an avid creator of quality content already, and you’re trying to decide whether you should invest more time in seo, or social media. where do you make the investment?

  1. You could invest in hiring a social media manager to promote all that amazing content you’re creating, grow your social following, and monitor and engage with your various social networks.
  2. Or, you could shift those resources to a technical SEO hire. Since you’re already churning out amazing content that’s helping your website skyrocket in the SERPs, you could amplify that effort with a technical SEO who can ensure that your website operated in such a way that Google’s crawlers can actually read and index every bit of content you’re creating, and not punish your site for mistakes you didn’t even know you were making.