Social Media Marketing Advantages

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is, on a very basic level, a way for a business to communicate a message to its customers or potential customers by using online social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Blog. This allows business owners the ability to reach their market more effectively.

People naturally tell their family and friends about the products and services they love or hate. These days it is common for people to do their research online prior to making a purchase. This includes finding reviews and seeing what others are talking about. Each day there are millions of messages going out through the two most famous social sites Facebook and Twitter. It is common to see people “Tweet” and to “Like” the things they approve or don’t approve of.

Social proof is becoming more and more important in approving or disapproving a product or a service. In order to use this method effectively in your business you got to get people talking about your products or services.  This is true word of mouth marketing and it can be very powerful in your small business.

Small businesses can now leverage social media marketing and actually compete with big companies. Social marketing, if done correctly, can have a big impact on your business.

Here are some social medial marketing advantages:

•                Make an impact on the rankings of search engines

•                Safe, risk-free and efficient; it’s free!

•                Maximize profits (cut down on advertising fees)

•                Social proof by consumer approval

•                Limited personnel

•                Broad exposure