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Social networking behavior for Malaysia

The growth of social networking is a global cultural phenomenon. Despite significant differences in government, infrastructure, availability of Internet access and cultural practices around the world, social networking is growing in every single country.

Social Media Population Worldwide

Being the leading social marketing intelligence company in Malaysia, Amazing always provide the up to date statistics, advance strategies to our client to  make their business brand more engage in the world of social network.

Are you having doubt as most of our clients before?

  • Why should i border?
  • Do people trust blog more than conventional media?
  • Social media is use to target young generation?
  • Social media hard to measure the ROI
  • Social media is not suitable for our nature of business
  • We are not ready for the negative comment on internet, can we ignore it?
  • How to create a buzz on internet with the limit budget and resources we have?

Latest statistic prove that not only young generation are now on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Blog. Elder generation may leverage on social network as information source, get close to all close friends in the past, a channel to monitor their children etc.

Malaysian shown an average engagement with social networking in between worldwide and regional data. From the chart, again prove many doubt facing by our clients – social media is just for young generation is no longer an issue on branding their business on internet!

Average Engagement with Social Media for Malaysian

All these while what we worry all the time in marketing our brand is the power of media in reaching right target audience. The statistic below could open our eye in the world of digital marketing as message (with correct content) being blast on internet using the right channel could have the highest reach of 97% among Malaysian population.

Social Networking Demographic Reach

Social Media Monitoring & Optimization

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