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The 8 power tools of Twitter

TWITTER, the minimalist format social network that claims to have 100 million users, has built its reputation around its simplicity

Members can post to the service only in text messages of 140 characters or less. They can include a link to another site, or to a photo or video. They can repost other users’ message on their own pages. They can send each other equally spartan private messages. That’s about it – or so it seems.

Look more closely, and you’ll find that Twitter has been augmented, by the company and by other Interner toolmakers, with a virtual appliance store of simple, utilitarian features, widgets and services that let users find interesting posts, create photo albums or search Twitter more efficiently.

Yet, unlike , say, Facebook or Microsoft Office, Twitter’s power tools are easy to find and easy to figure out.

  • Upload photos
  • Make a Gallery
  • Save your favorites
  • Do power searches
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Cross post to Facebook Via HashTag
  • The interesting stuff – Connect & Discover button
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